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The Hardanger costume

Documentation of the local costume traditions is one of our main fields. At our exhibition you may view some of the exclusive pieces from our collections.

People in Hardanger used to dress i clothes that were typical for this distinct district. The clothing was different from the fashion clothing you might find in the cities and from clothes used in other districts. 

The different elements in the local costume however, came from differant areas and historical periods. Middeavel clothing and renessaince fashion were among them. But the design, the use of coulour, and the way of combining elements was local. Also traditions relatet to what was appropriate at any given occasion was local.

At the end of the 19th century the daily use of the folk costume was reduced. Fashion cloting gained its way to the Hardangerdistrict.  At the same time norwegian national movements discovered and fell in love with, the Hardanger culture and clothing traditions. This provided the costume with new symbolc values: it was reinventet as the Norwegian National costume.

Today this is no longer the case as most districts in Norway found they also local costume traditions. But the Hardanger costume is still used by all age groups in the area for festive occasions. 




Additional pictures

  • Bunadutstillinga 2
  • Detalj av bruredrakt, foto Laila Duran
  • Detalj av bruredrakt, foto Laila Duran
  • Detalj opplut 1
  • Detalj trøye
  • Detalj opplut 5
  • Opplut og bringklut
  • Detalj bukse