Scissors for a Bruch

The Danish-Norwegian artist Karen Bit Vejle is among the worlds most credited within psaligraphy, Paper Cut Art. This summer you can see her extraordinary work at the Hardanger Folk Museum.

Many of us may have tried to cut snow crystals from bits of paper. However Karen Bit Vejle has taken the art of papercut further than anyone before her. We are very proud to present some of the most amazing pieces of work from her career at our museum.

Bit opened her first show at The National Museum of Decorative Arts in Trondheim, Norway in 2008, and in few years her art has spread throughout Scandinavia and all the way to the USA and China. Her artistic work spans from the travelling exhibition Scissors for a Brush to commissioned work for several renowned international companies, such as Hermès and Georg Jensen.

Slow art
Contrary to almost everything else in the world today, psaligraphy is a slow art. It takes time to master, plan and perform it. The works are formed from a large, continuous piece of paper and cut with only a small pair of scissors. Every single scissor cut is carefully planned, as the slightest mistake can have disastrous consequences for the end result. This is a slow art of painstaking patience that demands the utmost concentration. Which part shall be cut out, and which shall not?

Additional pictures

  • Med saksen som pensel 5
  • Med saksen som pensel 3
  • Bit Vejle
  • Med saksen som pensel 2
  • Med saksen som pensel. Bit Vejle stillar ut på Hardanger folkemuseum i sommar
  • Med saksen som pensel 4