1000 Bodice inserts

The museum opens it's treasure chest, and puts 1000 bodice inserts on display. This unique exhibition will stand from May 6, 2018 to March 1, 2019. Don't miss it - this is a rare oppurtunity!

Since the 17th century, women in Hardanger have sewn and used bodice inserts with their folk costumes. Small, beautiful pieces of cloth, richly decorated, worn in the cleavage of their vests/bodices. In making these, they used the prettiest and most precious of what they had: wonderful silk bands, pretty beads, beautiful fabrics, various embroideries, metal lace in silver and gold. The bodice insert is inspired by Renaissance fashion, and combined with use of ancient symbols, and makes a piece of clothing offering both adornment, warmth and protection.

Women typically had several bodice inserts. Some they had sewn themselves, some were inherited, some were gifted to them. Many of these have found their way to Hardanger Folk Museum. For the first time, we open our collection, and display our grand collection for joy, wonder and inspiration for all who love history, tradition, folk costumes, handicraft and needlework. Here are inserts in a wide variety of techniques - cross stitches, bead work, applications, pattern darning and more. None are identical, but you can tell they are all somehow related. Included in the exhibition are bodice inserts from Voss Folk museum, Skredhaugen, Kvam museum and the Fonneland collection.

Outside the exhibition you'll find a small bead workshop, where you can learn sowing with beads, tread beads, colour or design your own insert on paper.


Would you like to visit the exhibition more than once? Buy a seasoncard, and get free coffee/tea in our nice café with view of the fjord.